Anne Quéméré was born and raised in Brittany (France). After completing her studies, she took off for North America where she settled down for about 10 years.

Not long after she returned to her native land in 2001, this ocean lover, influenced by her family background, embarked on adventurous and daring journeys, some of them quite experimental.

Unusual horizons, human challenges, developpement of new technics : these are driving forces and abiding sources of learning for her.

In 2001, the idea of an incredible feat is born:

Rowing the Atlantic on the Trade winds route, alone and without assistance.
In December 2002, a year later after careful and long preparations, she launches on the Trade winds route (Canary Islands to the West Indies) and completes her crossing in 56 days, beating the Women’s world record. But that is still not enough for her . Barely back in Brittany, she seeks again to set out. A new boat, new careful and long preparations, this time her goal is :

Rowing the Atlantic on the north route, alone and without assistance.
In June 2004, she sets off from Cape Cod (Ma.,USA) and heads for the French Coast. On August 30th, after 87 gruelling days and rowing 6450 kms, she crosses the finish line, establishing a new record. She has caught the adventure bug. From these two incredible voyages, is born an innovative challenge :

Kiting across the Atlantic Ocean, alone and without assistance.
In June 2006, she casts off from the New York area for this first world attempt and arrive at Ouessant, in Brittany 55 days later, having kited more than 6700 kms.

Kiting across the Pacific ocean alone and without assistance
In March 2011, she launches from Lima, Peru heading to French Polynesia. She reaches the finish line 77 days later after a 7000 kms trip.

Beyond these performances, She bows to the Ocean stating that “regardless of our resolve, as strong as we may feel, only the ocean will let us pass and nothing else”.