Rowing the Atlantic solo 2002

On December 26th,2002 after two years of careful planning and with the help of a passionate team, I set out for an amazing challenge :

Rowing across te Atlantic, solo and without assistance from the Canary Islands to the West Indies (5000 kms) .

This route is generally favoured for the “Trade winds” winds that blow from the East at a steady pace, but it’s nevertheless difficult to manoeuvre. The thought of the crossing, the days of loneliness, the stress, the danger, the pain and mechanical failures….They are forever present till the day of departure and represent a huge question mark. The only certainty is that days of rowing will be followed only by more days of rowing. Thousands of repeated rowing gestures, willpower beyond all endurance and 56 days at sea before I can realize my dream of landing at Pointe à Pitre on Guadeloupe island (West Indies) on February 21st, 2003.