Rowing the North Atlantic solo 2004

After my first success via the Trade wind road, I work on another quest one year later. This time, the trial is more challenging and definitely more risky:

Rowing the North Atlantic alone and unassisted

On June 3rd 2004, I launch from Cape Cod (USA) with a heading for Brittany, some 6450 kms eastward. The Ocean is frequently hostile and navigation conditions are deemed extreme because of strong low pressure zones, frequent front winds as well as two incredible tropical storms : Alex and Charley that make me capsize twice. This challenge, which was not thought of being a walk in the park is clearly more difficult than the previous crossing, as I was at sea for 87 days and travelled 6450 kms before crossing the finish line. On September 2nd 2004, aboard my strange little boat I entered the port of Douarnenez in Brittany (France) to be celebrated by an amazing crowd and the local brass band.