Kiting the North Atlantic solo 2006

Early in 2005, helped by Marc Ginisty, a marine architect, I explore a new concept, a world’s first:

Crossing the North Atlantic Ocean aboard a Kiteboat, alone and unassisted.

The plans are to launch from New York (USA) and land at the “Ile de Ouessant” in Brittany (France). A cross between a power and a sailing kite, this new challenge required careful preparation on both technical and physical aspects and requiring a great amount of ingenuity. On June 18th, 2006, taking advantage of a favourable wind, I left New-York on board of my 6.5metre Kiteboat. During the month of July, a high pressure zone covered the Atlantic Ocean, depriving me of wind, slowing me down considerably and challenging my morale. It will take 55 days to complete the 6700km that separate me from Brittany and allowing me to cross the finish line in the wee hours of August 13th, before I could reach Douarnenez, my home port.