The Solarboat Icade


At the outset, the Solarboat was a 6 meter long prototype, built to cross the Pacific Ocean, powered by kites. The challenge was realized in 2011 from Peru to French Polynesia.

There was an ambition to give a new life to this “avant-garde” boat, far from having said it’s last word.  The experts consulted were unanimous (Marée Haute shipyard in Trégunc, CSEM in Neuchatel, Torqeedo in Germany) and all agreed that the proposed changes would suffice to make her a performing new solar prototype.  Their knowledge in various technical fields performed wonders, and the first trials were very successful.

This aerodynamic shaped vessel is built with a hull conceived to assure a perfect balance between speed and a good performance; its thinly profiled stem as well as its chine favors Archimedes regimen while assuring the vessel’s stability.

The changes dealt mainly with the reinforcement of structural points followed by the conception and the installation of a new generation of solar panels supported by the electrical propulsion system.

First sea trip for the solarboat Icade – January 2018

Watch the video below to discover the nautical photovoltaics created by the CSEM for the Solarboat Icade