The Arctic is fast approaching!

Every adventure has its share of surprises, and this one, even before getting underway, seems to be no exception. Even though everything has been carefully planned, prepared and reserved for months, nothing is going as scheduled and I can’t do anything about the delays which have been piling up. ‘Patience and flexibility’ has been my motto since arriving in Canada.

Luckily, this isn’t my first expedition to the Far North and I am familiar with the difficulty of venturing to the world’s outer limits. In the back of my mind I had imagined all kinds of improbable situations and anticipated the possible glitches that might thwart the adventure. So while it is true that my patience has been tried, despite everything the timetable has been adhered to and I’m still expected to leave on time for this solar journey across the Northwest Passage.

Accurate maps, regularly updated by the Canadian government, allow me to track ice conditions, including density and changes in position due to wind and currents. The latest data shows that I’ll have to wait until early July to leave, but there again nothing is written in stone just like for any other expedition… I’ll just take each day as it comes.

Right now, rather than moping around waiting for the sky to fall on my head, I’m taking advantage of this unexpected “holiday” and after having crossed the Rockies with my friend Alain who came to help before I set off, I am in Vancouver by myself. My precious right-hand man had to go home so from now on I’m on my own. Whitehorse is the next stopover where I’ll spend a few days before flying off to  Inuvik and then Tuktoyaktuk. There, the eagerly awaited reunion with Icade will take place on June 27.

The few problems I have encountered have allowed me to meet some amazing people. Nelly, Gordon, Eyvi, Ron, Cindy, Carmelle and Jacquie—it was a stroke of luck meeting you along my journey and each one of you, in his or her own way, has kept me smiling! Your enthusiasm and generosity have been so precious… THANK YOU! You are living proof, if we needed any, that the road mapped out in advance may not be the most rewarding and that many wonderful things come from unexpected sources.

Updates will be coming soon… the Arctic is fast approaching!


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