Avancer pas à pas pour continuer d’inventer son futur

The long-awaited big News is long in coming and so far, partnerships are not lining up at my door. Yet, just a few weeks back, I was almost jumping with joy as a neophyte would thinking  all the tricks are honest.

Fortunately experience taught me not to count my chicken before they’re hatched and I came to realize that is was a wise way to go . My budget today is still the same than yesterday!

Therefore, I keep on meeting people, chewing up the asphalt kilometers, while dreaming of sea sprays  and frozen tundra. The roads that lead to adventure are largely chaotic but so far, I deal with the bumps while trying to keep a steady route. This is not my first attempt and rather than slamming the brakes while hoping for some miracle, I keep moving forward, step by step, so that, whatever happens, the solar prototype will be ready to go when time of the departure will come. We must not ease up in our efforts, there is still considerable work to be done.

« Marée Haute » shipyard’s work is nearly completed. After having modified the former « kiteobat », reducing the gross weight and maximizing surface to allow for solar panels, a crucial milestone is now approaching. In the next weeks, the design and installation of the solar modules, the only power source on board.

Meanwhile on the Arctic shore, my stay in the Great North was beyond my wildest expectations, despite temperatures in the range of -50°C. I enjoyed myself at every moment, of every meeting and especially of every story I was told at the corner of a table over a coffee. It allowed me to better understand the Inuvialuit culture that fascinates me. I returned to Brittany with precious documentation but sorry that I could not extend my stay any longer. The North has its strange capacity of making us lose a bit of our reasoning.