Here comes the… Sun!

The trip down the Mackenzie River from Inuvik went a lot faster than I thought due to almost perfect weather conditions. There was plenty of sunshine to recharge Icade’s batteries, just enough headwind to chase away bloodthirsty mosquitoes and favourable currents easing our way… What more could you ask for! I’m making the most of it because I know the Beaufort Sea and Amundsen Gulf will be a whole different story. Read more “Here comes the… Sun!”

And we’re off!

I know you’ve been waiting for this moment as much as I’ve been! There was no fanfare when I set off on Friday, July 6, 2018, only light rain, a covered sky and an outside temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. Read more “And we’re off!”

Meanwhile in Tuktoyaktuk

I have been playing cat and mouse with the barge on which Icade is travelling for the past three weeks and I am at my wit’s end! The Solarboat was first expected to arrive on June 21, then June 27… and then June 29. As it failed to arrive, I called the shipping company feeling a little hopeless and learned that because of the upcoming long weekend, as July 1 is a national holiday (Canada Day), Solarboat won’t arrive at Tuk until July 3… At the earliest! Read more “Meanwhile in Tuktoyaktuk”

The land of the midnight sun

My Solarboat Icade should arrive tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27, in Tuktoyaktuk… Finally! I have so often dreamt of this moment, I have been so eager for it to happen these past few days that I can hardly believe it. So its never-ending journey down the Mackenzie River aboard the barge which left from Hay River in mid-June should soon come to an end. Read more “The land of the midnight sun”

The Arctic is fast approaching!

Every adventure has its share of surprises, and this one, even before getting underway, seems to be no exception. Even though everything has been carefully planned, prepared and reserved for months, nothing is going as scheduled and I can’t do anything about the delays which have been piling up. ‘Patience and flexibility’ has been my motto since arriving in Canada. Read more “The Arctic is fast approaching!”

The adventure begins!

A brief update from Canada where Icade and I have been for the past week. Seven days during which my friend Alain, who came to lend a hand, and I have not stopped working.

To start, Canadian customs were extremely efficient—on the very next day following her arrival, the Solarboat cut through all the red tape and was officially authorised to be on Canadian soil. I was a little bit worried about this part as I have had experience in the past with less accommodating authorities, but this time there was no problem, everything went like clockwork. Read more “The adventure begins!”

En route to the Far North

I set off from Brittany last week and have arrived in Luxembourg with Icade right behind me, safely hitched to its trailer. Together we have covered a lot of ground—even though by heading east across France we have distanced ourselves from the Canadian Far North, we have in fact been quickly getting closer. Read more “En route to the Far North”

The adventure will soon begin!

Going all out to get ready, I have tried to stay focused in this final phase of preparation while staying calm—on the outside at least. My stress level, which I thought had reached its peak in recent weeks, went up a notch over the last few days—on the inside I am chomping at the bit and raring to go. In short, I am more than ready to get started. I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep as I’ve very often been kept awake by the many questions rolling around in my mind—it goes without saying that I don’t know exactly what tomorrow will bring. Read more “The adventure will soon begin!”

The christening of the Divine child!

It wouldn’t have taken much for me to spend day and nights on the Solarboat Icade over the past weeks.  There were so many details to handle before the great day, the « Christening of the Divine child ».  It’s close to incredible that such a small prototype (barely six meters!) requires so much attention and thoughtfulness. On board,  nothing matches the standard so, we have to know how to use our brains and find new ideas to work out problems as they come up. Demanding, Icade left us no respite and no tolerance on our part lately. Read more “The christening of the Divine child!”

The countdown is on!

With just over 60 days left until my departure for the Arctic, the pressure increases and stress rises although it has become quite familiar those past months. I do not make to much out of it anymore. Whatever I do, wherever I go, here it is, ready to pounce on the least little error that I try to correct at any point. Small, but forever unpleasant. Regardless, hitches occur every day, whether they be important or not, they are always unpleasant. Read more “The countdown is on!”