Moving forward

The days are longer and despite unfavourable Brittany weather, I enjoy the first hours of daylight to train on the ocean.  I’ve become quite adept at setting up and striking the kayak, as the first few days now seem far away. Every paddle stroke helps me develop ease of handling on the Grand Narak.  This kayak appears to be so far the best compromise for this expedition. Read more “Moving forward”

Dreaming of travelling is already travelling

The New Year is starting and after Christmas time relaxation, life is resuming it’s regular heartbeat.  Hesitations or indecisions are not part of the scenario as the first quarter of 2013 will be titled “Acceleration”.  In six months, Lancaster Sound, the legendary opening to the Northwest Passage should be on the horizon.  If 6 months might appear a long time, I know from experience that it goes by rapidly.   Read more “Dreaming of travelling is already travelling”

Anne Quéméré va tenter le passage du Nord-Ouest en…

After crossing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, rowing and then kiteboating solo, Anne Quéméré is planning a new  challenge for 2013 : kayaking through the ARTIC PASSAGE also known as the Northwest passage… It all depends on the ice movements, the voyage should take place between next July and September .

A full-scale challenge for Anne Quéméré. The Breton sailor will launch for 3 months, kayaking through the vast land of ice of the Far North. Aboard her tiny kayak (5 meters long, 300 kilos full loaded) she intends to navigate through the mythical Northwest passage. This is a sporting, historic and scientific challenge, as well as a human achievement.

A human-scale competitive challenge
This meeting with untamed nature is quite consistent with Anne’s previous challenges across the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Once again, it requires both physical and mental preparation in order to launch for this 2700 nautical miles adventure (i.e 5000 kilometers). The road cannot be mapped out in advance and is mainly based on sea ice melting during summertime.
As for today, “Babouche” a small catamaran built with skates that allowed easy gliding on the ice is the only one which went across the Northwest passage in one season and without using its engine. Anne will use kites as wind will allow.

A mythical route, a science-based waterway

Joining the Pacific to the Atlantic through the Northwest passage, that was the “Artic Grail” for explorers.  In 1845, there were no survivors from the Franklin expedition… It took nearly 300 years of exploration before Amundsen, aboard Gjoa, get through the Northwest passage in 3 years. Anne wishes to go through in less than 3 months during summertime.
“It will depend greatly on ice conditions, let us hope it will let me go through”.

Anne Quéméré will not launch out just for the fun of it – even though she is quite honest about it : “I don’t mind some deprivation and  the autonomy that requests such an adventure… I just like it! ” This occasion will give her the opportunity to work on the arctic plankton with the team of Océanopolis-Brest and Pierre Mollo, a researcher in aquaculture. “He is convinced that with a kayak which does not disturb the ecosystems and will pass through virgin environment without leaving any trace, I can send interesting informations about the plankton when “blooming”, i.e when this one is released by the ices. “Anne Quéméré will thus have a role of active observer and relay.

It will be worth it watching her blog, her pictures and the film she intends to realize while kayaking through the vast ice fields of Canada’s Far North.

Tout beau, tout neuf !

Change of scenery, appropriate colors, here is the new website related to my next expedition across the mythical Northwest passage.
The Mot Compte Triple team carried out a true face lift while I stuck to the drafting of the texts.
I do hope that you will enjoy what you see ? In any case, do not hesitate to leave us your comments on the “news” page which will be updated regularly, and share on Facebook if you feel like it.
Here is a piece of the dream I wish to share with you as the days go by.