A promise must be kept!

The last writings are rather stale and I can think of the impatience each of you is building up behind his computer, while hoping for a scoop as to what is brewing at the Marée Haute shipyard in Trégunc (Brittany). That’s where the new project is taking shape and will so, for the next three months. Read more “A promise must be kept!”

How to become a billionaire

What is a native to do in Tuktoyaktuk when born and raised here and unable to think of living somewhere else?  At first, few opportunities arise in this village of 950 people, clinging to the top of the world.  But as strange as it may seem, the Inuvialuit population stayed put, and no exodus took place as it did in some of other areas in the South.  They are bound to their land and can’t think of living anywhere else. Read more “How to become a billionaire”

Life in a freezer…

Heavy snow flakes today and a completely frigid wind is sweeping the deserted streets of Tuktoyaktuk.  Visibility is limited to ten meters and the air is gnawing at your skin while burning your eyes.  Staying outside isn’t a good idea. However from what I understand, temperatures are abnormally high, since my arrival.  But, winter is winter and  cedes no quarters whatsoever! Read more “Life in a freezer…”

The True North


It is noon, the Sun is just breaking above the horizon, casting a few timid rays on the village of Tuktoyaktuk.  It returned in mid January but only for a few hours.  Barely five and again, it is sunset.  Winter is far from having spoken it’s last word.  The proof: temperature is -37°C today. Read more “The True North”

When fall comes

The month of September was anything but picture perfect, and for many days I thought, with some kind of nostalgia, about these good old days in our little cabin, right in the middle of the tundra,  that was a perfect shelter in Atkinson Point. Over there, peace and serenity gave the rhythm to our days, and as we moved away from the world, we finally found the essential air to breathe again. Read more “When fall comes”