Shortly back at work

The first two weeks of August have not been as quiet as I thought it would be, but that does not mean I had to work my fingers to the bone either.  Far from it!

I had barely set foot in Brittany that I had agreed to a shooting for our public television, TF1.   Some of you might think this kind of exercise to be easy and light, but I can assure you it was not at all. Filming non-stop from dusk to dawn meant some busy days and short nights. I don’t mean I felt I was sent to the galleys but I was glad the film crew cope with the rookie I was and still am. Read more “Shortly back at work”

Back to Brittany

After travelling over 5000km of asphalt across Canada, we finally arrived in Montreal, (Quebec), where our flight was awaiting to take us to Paris.  Well, “awaiting” is a big word, as the company that was supposed to fly us to Paris  and that arbors the slogan  “Ouvrons d’autres horizons” (Open new Horizons) didn’t seem to want and open anything to us… barely open a window maybe, but with the most obvious lack of good will!  Fortunately, once on board and well seated, the flight crew was most professional and pleasant, making us forget the problems we had encountered the previous days. Read more “Back to Brittany”

A historical site

Circumstances and weather conditions remind me of last year’s awful weather. Raphael and I have been confined for too long in a 20sq/m. hut, in the middle of nowhere. Although the word «nowhere» is not the proper meaning. Read more “A historical site”

And how is it in the South?

For one who wishes to flee the tumult of the city life, the Canadian North West Territories is the ideal spot: Pop. density: 0,036 person per sq./km. It’s a hermits dream, who for example just dropped off on the Champs-Elysées at the height of the tourist season. But, you might not need to be a hermit or walk the Champs-Elysées to hope for total solitude. It might be only ones’ hope to distance ourselves of this consumer society,, which over the years, creates needs to push us in the «forever more» spiral? Read more “And how is it in the South?”

A battle of nerves

The weather here is a real puzzle and each UGRIB has its lot of surprises, mainly bad!  You can’t plan from one hour to the next as everything changes to the point you want to pull your hair out. That’s about what we’ve been doing for the past week, blocked at Atkinson Point.  We’re waiting for the wind to die down which will allow us to resume our trip. Read more “A battle of nerves”

Un bien drôle d’animal

Amongst all the animals that we’e seen since our arrival, the Arctic Chipmunk is the one that amuses us most, Raphael and I. Named Sik-sik by the Innuit people, because of his warning call that screeches across the tundra at the least little alarm, this animal is so well adapted to the frigid regions that, in wintertime, it’s body temperature can get down to -2.9°C while it’s underground shelter is a mere -15°C. All this without freezing! Just think at the energy savings in our houses! The hut temperature this morning was only +2°C. We’re slowly but surely freezing, even in our heavy duty sleeping bags. Life can become unhinged, and today more than ever. Read more “Un bien drôle d’animal”

The wrath of the Great North

Last night, the NorthWest wind howled its fury to the point that the walls of our modest wood hut trembled frantically. We delayed our departure from Atkinson Point because the weather is far more severe than had been forecast by the GRIB and we shouldn’t expect any improvement for some hours to come. We’ll have to live with an uninvited guest: The waiting game. Read more “The wrath of the Great North”