C’est la rentrée !


That’s it! The summer holidays have ended and it’s back to school for the children , while I’m getting more and more ready for the ARCTIC SOLAR expedition. This promises an incredible frenzy, which, oddly enough, had been set aside for the past two months. Now, business appointments have been piling up since the end of August while life is rushing by!

It’s really a good sign. It means that since the last news, some time ago, considerable amounts of water flowed under the bridges as we quietly got ready for the whole project .

First of all: the MOST IMPORTANT NEWS has us tying up the loose ends of the expedition’s budget.

This is definitely a load off my shoulders and an excellent kick off for all of us, as I can now concretely plan for fall and winter without worrying. Of course, I am clearly aware there are always some unforeseen events, that’s how any adventure goes, but no matter what, from now on, I will concentrate my energies on the upcoming trials.

The Solarboat is still at the CSEM (a private, non-profit Swiss research and technology organization focused on generating value for a sustainable world) in Neuchâtel but the brand new models of solar panels, conceived by the CSEM engineers are all under control. The next step is to launch the prototype! This should occur by mid- September on the Lac de Neuchâtel (Switzerland). The purpose is to test all the electrical installation and establish the battery’s capacity in order to make my way through the Northwest Passage, next summer. This will be a crucial day and, of course, I’ll keep you well informed…photos included!

In the meantime, other news popped up relating to my book « Passagère de l’Arctique » which was published in French by Locus Solus Editions and was honored with the “René Caillé” prize, as well as the “Thomas Allix explorers” prize offered by the « Société des Explorateurs Français ».

This is really motivating and it feels good since I started writing a new book few months ago, to be released by the beginning of February next year. This is a project I had in mind for two year and that I have been working my guts on the whole summer.

I’m quite anxious to inform you of the SOLAR ARCTIC adventure and wish you all, a good time.