Every day can lead us to a new destination

The Year 2016 uttered its last words and made way to a new year which we hope will bring us health, happiness and the smaller pleasures that accompany our usual resolutions. Consciously or not, we determine their purpose with the same traditional thoughts, but we rapidly ignore them, even though they remain on the Order Paper!

Like everyone else, I’ve wished for good intentions.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just promises that carry through from the story I started to write on my first attempt at crossing the Northwest Passage in 2014 and which led me on some incredible Arctic routes, never imagined.

You probably felt it in my last writings, but if not, just know that the « Arctic Solar » expedition (crossing the Northwest passage on board  a small prototype propelled by solar energy only)  is at the moment held up due to a lack of financing.  Obviously, this has delayed the project and the lost time cannot be picked up as for now.  It is to late  to  containerize the boat for its travel to Canada by the end of February as planned initially. Therefore, a launch from Tuktoyaktuk, next July is out of the question.  I’ve done near the impossible: meetings, conferences and more meetings but the harvest has been slim so far.  So, rather than whining about the situation, I try and cultivate positive state of mind which is anyway, the best way to go.

First, this delay should allow me to complete the project in a more serene atmosphere. Second, it will allow me to concentrate on the researches and writing of a new book which is truly close to my heart.   I’ve been working hard at it for the past few months and I am glad now I will have enough time to complete it before venturing into the Northwest Passage again.

More and more I consider that events occur for a reason and that my priority for 2017 seems to be this one. Thus, I will let Father Le Meur guide my fingers on the keyboard for the next few months. Next March I will return to Tuktoyaktuk to meet with the people who knew this Breton well. Hopefully they will trust me enough to share the story of this Oblate Father who landed on the shore of the Beaufort Sea during the summer of 1946. He lived there for about 40 years and is buried at the foot of the schooner Our Lady of Lourdes that so often carried him.

Some stories need to be collected and told before they fade away, and this is one of them .

In the meantime, I wish all of you to enjoy every moment of every small happiness so that  every day of 2017 will be a new and exciting adventure.