The countdown is on!

With just over 60 days left until my departure for the Arctic, the pressure increases and stress rises although it has become quite familiar those past months. I do not make to much out of it anymore. Whatever I do, wherever I go, here it is, ready to pounce on the least little error that I try to correct at any point. Small, but forever unpleasant. Regardless, hitches occur every day, whether they be important or not, they are always unpleasant.

No, « Super woman» who never falters and controls to the millimeter the perfectly oiled expedition, doesn’t exist. Reality is quite different and far from being as charming as we imagine it would be . « There is nothing more beautiful than the moment before a journey, the moment when tomorrow’s horizon comes to visit us, to announce its promises » writes Kundera, but at the moment, I am just running around and thinking of fixing the minor details, nothing else! This is how the adventure goes behind the scene.

The way days seem to get shorter is quite disturbing. The checklists add up but what a pleasure to strike from the list a task accomplished during the day, a piece of equipment which finally arrived or an expected reply allowing us to move on. Before the classes of priorities « to be loaded» and « to be loaded if space available» or even « useless», I try to keep only the basic essentials. That, in itself is an incredible task .

The weeks preceding the launch are so different and intense that even I, have problems figuring out the launch approaching at high speed. Incredibly, the whirlwind in which I regularly fight and will be no more than a far away souvenir to then be alone in the Northwest passage, of which I haven’t fathomed all its subtleties. In the meantime, I keep an eye on the weather and prepare for the last outings on the Concarneau before the Solarboat heads for Canada’s Great North.

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