Dans ses habits de fête !

The Year 2018 launched with a « Bang ». In the first few days of January the shores of Brittany were swept by storms Carmen and Eleanor with such force that it was impossible to navigate on board the Solarboat Icade as planned.  Winds of over 120 km/h teamed with heavy swell have completely changed our program.  Nature doesn’t really care about our state of minds and since she always has the last word, we stayed on land.

This forced rest allowed us to finish the lettering on the Solar boat which now wears its party dress.  Such a time was ideal to work on the logistics of the expedition as well. Sending the boat to Tuktoyaktuk is no easy task.  Administrative requirements or « Red Tape » isn’t easy and truly, the route to the Arctic is an adventure of its own. Nothing can be left to chance! Each detail has its importance.

But this isn’t my first expedition and it should be easier to plan this complex phase.  That being said, we’re hoping for better weather conditions to find our way on the water quickly. Not long now before departure for the Far North.  The deadline is looming each passing day and I am impatient to take the Solarboat Icade in hand. It is my priority from now on.

No more paddle or kite to control, only solar panels and electrical equipment, I must well mastered before next May.  It will be less demanding physically but, tactically speaking, error isn’t allowed if I want to maintain a steady pace throughout the Northwest Passage. To produce, at least, as much energy as I use will be my only obsession.

As you wait for the next news, accompanied with a few photographs of our next outing,  I wish you all a Happy New Year, to the image of Eleanor the storm, right below : powerful, spellbinding and stimulating!