Meanwhile in Tuktoyaktuk

I have been playing cat and mouse with the barge on which Icade is travelling for the past three weeks and I am at my wit’s end! The Solarboat was first expected to arrive on June 21, then June 27… and then June 29. As it failed to arrive, I called the shipping company feeling a little hopeless and learned that because of the upcoming long weekend, as July 1 is a national holiday (Canada Day), Solarboat won’t arrive at Tuk until July 3… At the earliest!

Do I really need to describe my disappointment at every new delay and my impatience as the days go by? In any event, the problem will soon be resolved so until then I’m going to wait a little bit more without flinching. There’s no point in getting all worked up, the locals have serenely assured me that “yes, the barge will surely arrive. Maybe tomorrow… maybe the day after!”.

I now have only one thought in my mind—of Icade and me reunited again and that at last it is gently floating against its moorings at the dock that my friend Noëlla has kindly offered to give us access to before our departure. I can’t wait for our Arctic story to get underway over the next few weeks and for us to finally head east towards our destination.

While I’m waiting for this moment to arrive, I’m taking advantage of the extra time to do some last-minute shopping, mainly fresh products and freshwater for the first weeks at sea. When those supplies run out, I’ll be eating freeze-dried foods and drinking desalinated water. I also sent postcards to members of the Fan’Arctic Club. I can only hope that they don’t arrive too soon and that I will have already cast off when they’re received.

I hope that the next update will announce my departure.

I’ll be in touch very soon!


    Bonjour Anne,
    Je comprend bien ton impatience, mais comme ils savent le dire, ça viendra. Si au moins certains avaient la même philosophie ici.
    Nous croisons les doigts pour tout se passe comme il faut.
    Des gros bisous pour toi

  • virard

    A toi La Dame du bout du Monde ,merci pour ces belles photos,une immense pensée.Bises de Bourgogne.

  • Marc Fayet

    Ma chère Anne,
    Je partage ton attente ainsi que ton impatience. J’aurai presque envie d’être présent tant les photographies de ce bout du monde donnent des envies de découverte.
    Je te souhaite bon courage encore et j’espère proche l’heure de la délivrance pour ce nouveau départ.

  • karen t stabenow

    I looked up Tuktoyaktuk on Google and it looks like the town is experiencing serious sea level rise. Have the residents talked about this at all? How can they not talk about it? are there plans to relocate? Sounds to me like your adventure has started already. Love your tent!
    Regards, Karen

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