La fin de l’année avance à grands pas…

The Solarboat has been in Brittany for the past few weeks and  shown publicly for the first time at the « Breizh Transition » Salon, where it received the visit of our Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, Nicolas Hulot, as well as the one of the famous skipper, Jean Le Cam.

It is actually sitting comfortably in dry dock where it was sanded down prior to receiving a sparkling lacquer, to give it a fantastic look.  Next, « Écritures » company will take charge of the lettering , applying the logos of the Arctic Solar’s various sponsors.   I’m really anxious to show you it’s new Christmas look, and hopefully you will not have to wait too long!

This being done, don’t think for a minute that everything is ready and that I’ll be able to take a few days off… The countdown has not planned a stoppage till my departure in June and we still have to give a good push for the final touch-ups.  These are the worst times and the most exciting as wel,  as they usually take up the most time and require our full attention. But they also mean we’re close to the « start » line and that, in itself, is quite exciting!

So, no question about dozing off, the pressure is increasing every day as the program takes shape.

December has arrived and I’ll be able to concentrate fully on the Solarboat as long months of writing have kept me at a distance of the boat, but I have handed over my manuscript to the editor. That’s the first step. The next, will be the publication at the « Editions Arthaud », on February 28th, 2018. This seems far from now but this is right around the corner.

Meanwhile, I’ll have a chance to give you more details.  For quite a while I thought I’d never be able to write « The End » on this work which, at times felt infinite but, it succeeded in helping me maintain a constant rhythm.  Finally I’m quite happy to see it soon « lead a life of its own » in the readers hands.

See you soon for other news and if I don’t post anything before the end of this year, I wish to all of you a happy holiday season and the best of success in the year ahead…..