The christening of the Divine child!

It wouldn’t have taken much for me to spend day and nights on the Solarboat Icade over the past weeks.  There were so many details to handle before the great day, the « Christening of the Divine child ».  It’s close to incredible that such a small prototype (barely six meters!) requires so much attention and thoughtfulness. On board,  nothing matches the standard so, we have to know how to use our brains and find new ideas to work out problems as they come up. Demanding, Icade left us no respite and no tolerance on our part lately. It should remain this way intil its departure from France by the end of May.

Last Thursday in Concarneau, Icade successfully appeared before its godmother, the singer, Nolwenn Leroy as well as its godfather, the writer Yann Queffelec, wearing his most beautiful vestments.  Tied up at the pontoon and rocked by a light breeze while the sun  shone with its generous  and unexpected rays, it did not even flinch at the crashing of the champagne bottle on the stem.

The christening of a boat is a highly symbolic event and emotionally charged. An incredible atmosphere grasped the participants. It wouldn’t have taken much that I shed a tear. Yes, even “ocean adventurer” cry!

Many partners replied favorably to the Icade invitation as well as family and friends. They all took part in this ceremony as they had contributed to the preparation of the Arctic Solar expedition.  I must admit that over the past two years considerable goodwill went into the re-birth of the little boat that crossed the Pacific Ocean powered only by a kite in 2011. In that regards, I was beautifully accompanied on that so special day.

The opportunity was ideal too for the group to be together before the launch to the Great North and was a wonderful pause in these stressing days before the long voyage.

Stay tuned and… fair winds to all of you in the meantime.

PS : A new section titled « Fan’Arctic » has been added to the website.  Be curious and find out what’s the matter with it.  And, if you feel like it…

© Ronan Quéméré
©Ronan Quéméré


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