Marche avant toute !

“Perseverance conquers everything” as the saying goes. Rather difficult to argue against this old adage, isn’t it? However when things don’t go entirely the way we want them to, that our daily activities are built on battles, and in spite of the energy spent, nothing seems to give reason to our stubbornness , there just come a point when we want to give-up, just to breathe again!

Fortunately, there’s always a little trick that pops up in our head, like a beacon which won’t turn itself off, no matter what happens. Blowing away our doubts whilst giving us new energy, it stimulates this furious envy to keep moving on until the end of our dream.
Then, one day….after believing it for so long, things line-up, the appointments finally give results, the meetings are productive and our dream  enters into some reality, which no one can  intercept anymore!
Well!  That’s where I’m at right now, after long months of various shades of grey.  New partners have come on board, allowing the Arctic Solar project  to move into a new phase.  Two weeks ago the prototype of the Arctic Solar expedition left the shipyard « Marée Haute » and headed to the CSEM ( a Swiss research and technology organization) in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
There, their team of experts rolled up their sleeves to conceive, produce an install the latest generation of Solar panels, made expressly for the batteries and the Torqeedo engine which will be the only propulsion mode on board.
For this expedition through the Northwest passage , and launching in June 2018 from Tuktoyaktuk (NWT, Canada) nothing is left to chance.  The first tests on water are planned for this Fall and they too will constitute a challenging  but exciting episode.
Till then, I will concentrate my energy to heighten the attention of the solar, polar expedition, the first of its kind and do the utmost to get the full budget together, which, however is not an easy exercise.
Fair winds to one and all!
(To be continued)