Moving forward

The days are longer and despite unfavourable Brittany weather, I enjoy the first hours of daylight to train on the ocean.  I’ve become quite adept at setting up and striking the kayak, as the first few days now seem far away. Every paddle stroke helps me develop ease of handling on the Grand Narak.  This kayak appears to be so far the best compromise for this expedition.

It’s not a war horse but I’m quite satisfied by its performance such as its stability which turns out to be quite an asset in this adventure strewn with obstacles.  Anyhow, laden with equipment and foodstuffs, it’s useless to think that I’ll be racing for the finish line, but rather to arrive on time, before the great Northern Canada freeze-up.  Give time some time…the luxury of the  21st Century!

Truly, we’re moving ahead: the logistics are falling into place, the technical details are  being solved one by one and contacts are  established.  The idea of returning with pictures or a film is making its way. The sponsors are about the only thing missing to get the whole operation into motion.

Forever thankful to:

“Club Nautique de Quimper” and especially to Christian Breuille and Nordine Bachaou who were most welcoming at every visit.

To Thierry and Fabien of  “Bekayak Brest” whose wise counseling and technical support gives the project what is most needed to develop a sustained rhythm.

To Jonathan Waterman who took the time to share his experience of The Northwest passage crossing in 1997 and 1999, on skis, by kayak and by dog sleds.