And we’re off!

I know you’ve been waiting for this moment as much as I’ve been! There was no fanfare when I set off on Friday, July 6, 2018, only light rain, a covered sky and an outside temperature of 5 degrees Celsius.

During these past few weeks, I had hoped for ideal weather conditions for this special moment, but sometimes you have to take what nature gives you. So, since the depression passed and the wind let up and as the weather is expected to improve over the upcoming days, it was time to cast off.

Summers are short in the Arctic, so I can’t afford to let it pass me by.

I got a little choked up when saying goodbye to the crew of the tug “Kelly Ovayuak” which had welcomed me aboard since I got back to Inuvik last Tuesday. I’ll never be able to thank Captain Franklin Lea and his men enough for the generosity they have shown me. The luxury of an enormous breakfast, a hot shower, a comfortable bed, easy access to weather reports, ice maps and so much more. Yes, it was absolutely wonderful! I’ll be dreaming about it for a long time to come that’s for sure and I’m thankful for the generosity that has been shown to me throughout this adventure.

That being said, I’m happy to get back to life aboard Icade, despite the freeze-dried meals and spartan accommodations, because I am finally fulfilling the dream I have had for three long years. Three years during which I often had to roll up my sleeves and move heaven and earth to make all of this possible.  It seemed as if those three years would never end. And yet here I am today and it’s happening! Now everything has taken shape around me, I am floating along in a reality that I have designed, thought out and imagined every day without fail for the past three years.

A new chapter has opened up, but for the time being I have no idea what the future will hold. The only thing I do know is that it will be full of new and sometimes completely unexpected experiences.

I would like to thank everyone for your enthusiastic messages and support. Although I’m leaving the coast behind, I’ll be taking you along with me as I make my way through the Northwest Passage.

Updates will be coming soon!

  • Montestrucq

    Oui ,on est avec toi comme jamais ! compte sur nos pensées qui, tu le sais bien, ont le pouvoir de traverser les ondes . Mais ,dis-moi, est ce que ce mail que j’écris t’arrive ou t’arrivera à une étape … je me demande bêtement..;
    je t’embrasse fort
    martine du Cap

  • karen t stabenow

    Congratulations. it is hard to find maps of the northwest passage. but hopefully I will be able to follow on map. I was an ultra light backpacker for many years and, back then the freeze-dried food was already pretty good. I trust your menu for your first night out will be fabulous.
    regards, karen

  • Christian Rennes

    Vraiment ému en lisant vos lignes. Heureux que vous ayez rencontré de braves gens, ces gens qui nous montrent qu’on peut encore espérer des individus. De tout coeur avec vous, prenez bien soin de vous et que Dieu vous garde !

  • René Riou

    Bon bon bonne lumière !!

  • Guillaume

    Bonne chance et de tout coeur avec vous. Continuez à nous faire rêver !!!

  • jacqueline thoral

    Merci De tout coeur avec toi depuis la côte bretonne.

  • Jean Meunier

    Bonne route au travers des glaces du nord Canadien.

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