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Fresh and beautiful…Here is the new version of the Website which has been regenerated as it needed a deluxe facelift».  A big”thank you” to the whole digital crew of ICADE who worked hard for months. I am aware the job was much more difficult than initially planned, but after screening the pages, I’m convinced it was well worth the effort!

Meanwhile, at the Corniguel Shipyard we settled some important points that had been bothering me since my last navigation in the Bay of la Forêt Fouesnant.
One example dealt with the links between the solar panels on the rear deck and the batteries which had their nose in the wind and the water. All of them are now inside the cabin, well protected from the humidity and especially the salt air. Although built to withstand difficult conditions, I feel much better to see them there, easily accessible and secured.
The installation of the rear panel was given a second thought as well. Indeed, to maximize the production of solar energy, the rear panel is oriented to capture the best of the sun rays during summertime in the Arctic. But this high-up position means an important windage in case of high winds, and God only knows they are frequent in the areas I’ll be travelling. I will be now able to pull this solar panel down on the roof to reduce its angle and cut immediately the wind load down.
Of course, the Icade Solarboat being a prototype there are no serial parts of any kind. I had thus to rely on the genius of Michel and Pierre to solve these sensitive points, one by one. The result is great and once again I have been impressed by the depth of their skills!
All of this is quite technical, but there is no other option of I want to enjoy the huge Canadian Arctic next summer.
Finally, the book« L’Homme qui parle juste» I was working on for the past three years has been recently published at « Les Editions Arthaud».  The story is based on the life of Robert Le Meur, a unique and amazing breton who spent 40 years in the Arctic and is buried there. It is also an homage to all those who defended with humility and determination the isolated populations of this planet.
While waiting (eagerly) for Spring to show up, I wish all of you fair winds and  see you soon for the next news!
  • karen stabenow

    I have been following your preparations and plans for your Arctic journey. i will track your journey on my detailed maps. I am a painter and have opening of a new exhibition: Arctic Imaginations. Wishing you all the best on your journey. Regards, Karen.

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