Dreaming of travelling is already travelling

The New Year is starting and after Christmas time relaxation, life is resuming it’s regular heartbeat.  Hesitations or indecisions are not part of the scenario as the first quarter of 2013 will be titled “Acceleration”.  In six months, Lancaster Sound, the legendary opening to the Northwest Passage should be on the horizon.  If 6 months might appear a long time, I know from experience that it goes by rapidly.  The departure is at hand and the hourglass is insensitive to time and it will not stop.  Occasionally we would like to slow the rhythm to be able to handle the small problems that occur but considering that the crossing of the Northwest passage in Northern Canada can be accomplished only during the summer months, we must be ready for this expedition.  Nothing is to be left to chance, either in the physical preparedness, the choice of equipment, the inevitable changes and the logistics which are slowed down by the proverbial Red Tape.  Basically, a vast quantity of small hills that must be moved on a daily basis, but it’s a pleasure to see the pieces fall into place.  We must launch under the best conditions, knowing full well that the unforeseen will inevitably pop-up.

My technical partners and those who know these areas are a considerable help to this project.  Without them, this challenge wouldn’t have the same endeavour and I thank them for it.