When there is a will, there is a way,…

The good news are slow to come by, but such is the lot of any expedition, hoping to learn the treasures of patience in an effort to reach one’s objective.  The Inuit know this so well as they depend on time and the seasons’ eternal cycle.  Their patience goes beyond any philosophical aspect. It is close to a second nature,  even part of their lifestyle.  Like them, I exercise my patience. If I seem to champ at the bit, my hope, every day is to gather sufficient funds to complete the ARCTIC SOLAR project.  Right now, that’s the rub.

And yet, I’m really trying.  Since summer I’ve been on the asphalt more than on the ocean, organizing meetings and interviews of every kind.  If I seem occasionally preoccupied , I am conscious that it’s part of the process and in spite of every dream more than goodwill is required to reach the goal.

“…all things come to him who waits…” so we carry on at the Marée Haute shipyard where the prototype continues to evolve.  The Torqeedo motor and battery are installed, the instrument panel should be in place next week and the space on the fore and aft decks will be modified to allow space for the 13 square meters of solar panels.

Recent ocean trials allowed us to confirm  encouraging changes. Thus, every step is a little battle won.  No more is needed to keep a smile on our faces and continue the planning of a route through the pack ice of the Northwest Passage.

To keep the momentum going, I started writing again after having released last March my book “Arctic Passenger”. That book has opened up many avenues in the literary field, unknown to me till then and I intend to keep travelling them from now on. The discovery of Father Le Meur’s grave in Tuktoyaktuk, the meeting with his family members who still live in Brittany, the testimonies of the Inuvialuit who knew him for  during his 40 years in the Far North, motivated me to put into words the extraordinary lifestory of a man who saw himself as very ordinary.

Boredom is still out of reach so… To be continued in the next chapter.