Would you like some more ice?

July is quickly coming to an end but the ice doesn’t seem to want to melt this summer here in the Arctic. Maybe it’s refusing to yield in places where it still can? In any event, the ice is indeed all around us and at times makes our life more difficult. Picking a path through this labyrinth made up of enormous blocks of ice which are constantly in motion is not the easiest thing in the world to do. With my eyes glued to binoculars, I try as best I can to figure out what path to take, but I often have to turn around, slalom through blocks of ice to avoid crashing into them and find another way through. At this pace, Icade and I aren’t beating any speed records but we are continuing on our merry way which is not such a bad thing all things considered.

I got a good scare a few days ago when all of a sudden the engine went dead in the middle of nowhere without giving any sign of trouble in advance. I found myself drifting for quite some time while I tried to solve the problem and I was thrilled to run across a big chunk of ice where I was able to tie Icade. Through I don’t know what stroke of luck, the engine started up again even though it was still showing signs of distress and I was able to make it to a small island for a stopover. Thanks to Yannick (Naviwatt) and Vincenzo (CSEM) who I contacted by phone, we identified the problem and singled out the faulty battery. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for their help and valuable advice! Normal conversations via satellite phone are an adventure unto themselves, so you can only imagine how hard it was to discuss a subject as complex as battery connections!

Having one less battery is not the end of the world but it’s yet another potential difficulty that I’ll have to take into account.

Luckily, I still have some chocolate bars to make up for these setbacks which allows me to enjoy a little everyday pleasure. That said, my supply is running dangerously low and I doubt I’ll run across someone who will be able to replenish it. You don’t run into too many people around here.

Updates will be coming soon!

  • Herve Collet

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  • Christian Rennes

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